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Tower Garden

Tower Garden® is the only aeroponic system which can be used outdoors or indoors and that can besuccessfully operated by anyone.

Tower Garden® thrives indoors and includes the newly redesigned energy-saving LED grow light kit. It isthe perfect solution for homes and offices: no soil, no weeding, no bending over, no kneeling, no tilling, nodaily watering and no getting dirty!

It can also be operated outdoors in favorable climates and in a variety of spaces. It will enhance anyspace landscape and design while producing nutrient rich food:
Ideal in outdoor environments such as:

❖ Backyard gardens,
❖ Balconies, terraces & patios,
❖ Building and Villas rooftops,
❖ Any other outdoor space that has access to sunlight

Tower Garden® is the ultimate space-saving gardening solution as it fits in less than 1 m (approximately 10 ft.²).

Grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers effortlessly and 100% chemical free! No gardening experience is necessary: with these fully automated aeroponic towers, everyone has a green thumb! It is so easy to use: simply plant the seedling in the tower, watch it grow, consume and repeat!

A Tower Garden® comes ready to use and includes, grow lights, a seedling kit and a generous supply of Tower Tonic®, a proprietary 100% natural earth-based mineral plant food formula. A Tower Garden® requires 90% less water while delivering up to 65% nutrient–density–increase in comparison to conventional organic produce grown in the soil!

Whether you are aiming to become more self-sufficient, inspire children at home or in schools, or simplymake an eco-statement at work, Tower Garden is the obvious answer as it is truly a “food machine”: Expect Bountiful Harvests! Visit our webstore accessible from the store button to find out more and to purchase your tower!


In a Nutshell

Tower Garden®: Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Aeroponic System
Key Features: LED Lights, Soil-Free, and Minimal Maintenance
Benefits: Space-Saving, Water-Efficient, and Nutrient-Rich Produce

Tower Garden

Tower Farms™

The Indoor Farms™ provides vertical farming & greenhouse turnkey solutions in certain regions of the world, including GCC, Brazil, India, and Jamaica in partnership with Agrotonomy Corporation, a vertical farming consultancy firm and certified international distribution partner of Tower Farms™.

Advisory and Business Consulting Services

The Indoor Farms™ developed an ecosystem and great understanding of the business environment in the GCC related to local food production, food, water and energy innovations and solutions and food wast emanagement.

Indoor Strawberry Farm Grow 28 tons of strawberries in 375m²

In partnership with New Growing Systems, The Indoor Farms™ designed a very innovative indoor farm to grow, in a controlled environment, the best strawberries available in the market. Leveraging New Growing system proprietary oscillating technology.


Our programs are taylormade to address the needs of agri-entrepreneurs, existing farmers, schools and hotels and restaurants customers.

Innovative Lighting solutions

The Indoor Farms™ developed strategic partnerships with niche LED manufacturers to support its turnkey offerings and international growth.