the indoor farms

Innovative Lighting solutions

The Indoor Farms™ developed strategic partnerships with niche LED manufacturers to support its turnkey offerings and international growth.

Local food production is driving high-density growing technologies that need both horizontal and vertical light uniformity to achieve production consistency without wasting energy. By leveraging progress and expertise in optically engineered materials and 3D simulation tools, we deliver cost-effective horticulturallighting solutions that optimize quality, yields, production cycles and energy efficiency.

Our lighting solutions can also be offered to any customer interested in developing vertical farming infrastructures, seedlings operations, or any food production products that require LED lighting solutions.

Our team’s deep understanding, agile product development and R&D expertise as well as our international manufacturing capabilities is an asset for any customer desiring to develop a partnership to grow their products and solutions.

We have the ability to build and customize any lighting solution to achieve our customers optimal results.

Our product development team can customize a solution that is designed to fit our clients’ project as well as our various Farm-in-a-Box designs.

In a Nutshell

Strategic LED Partnerships for Turnkey Solutions and Global Growth.
Cost-Effective Horticultural Lighting Enhancing Quality and Efficiency.
Customizable Lighting Solutions for Diverse Agricultural Projects.

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