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Indoor Strawberry Farm Grow 28 tons of strawberries in 375m²

In partnership with New Growing Systems, The Indoor Farms™ designed a very innovative indoor farm to grow, in a controlled environment, the best strawberries available in the market. Leveraging New Growing system proprietary oscillating technology.

New Growing Systems is the world-leading manufacturer of high-end hydroponic systems for strawberry farming, and inventors of the oscillating strawberry growing system.

NGS-berry is perhaps the most versatile product of New Growing System, because in addition to beingsold as a traditional hydroponic system, it is also available in the oscillating and rotating configurations

The climate-controlled indoor design developed in partnership with
The Indoor Farms™ makes this technology available in harsh climates, contributing to bolster food security by allowing the cultivation of several types of crops all year long. When it comes to strawberry farming in a hot climate (desert or tropical), strawberries can only grow seasonally (once a year), and give an average crop yield regardless of the grow system being used. The same applies to extreme cold or rainy climates.

NGS-berry is a product adapted to the needs of farmers, from those who want to start in the world of hydroponics to those who seek to increase (even double) production without expanding the cultivation surface.

This exclusive partnership allows The Indoor Farms™ to offer a state-of-the-art vertical farming system allowing to grow 80 strawberry plants per square meter, 100% lit by LED lights.

Our indoor strawberry farms are delivered as full turnkey solutions.

We provide onsite system installation and training services.

In a Nutshell

Innovative Indoor Strawberry Farming with New Growing Systems
Versatile NGS-berry Hydroponic System for Year-Round Harvest
Turnkey Vertical Farming Solutions

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Indoor Strawberry Farm Grow 28 tons of strawberries in 375m²


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