the indoor farms


Our programs are taylormade to address the needs of agri-entrepreneurs, existing farmers, schools and hotels and restaurants customers.

Our turnkey farms are adapted to be retro-fitted to a variety of available space and real estate to be agile and developed, with a variety of settings and options (sizes, offtake, farming-as-a-service, procurement agreements, etc).

These programs bundle the commercial aeroponics towers developed by Tower Farms®, packaged into different commercial offerings with a custom approach to fit shells and climate control requirements depending on the physical localisation of the chosen space.

By offering turnkey indoor farming solutions, that would comprise relevant technology, expertise, offtake and funding, The Indoor Farms™ allows existing farmers, local entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and hoteliers to contribute to the development of the local farming infrastructure, and further derisk their local supplychain and food security exposure.

This can come in the form of a real estate development community farm, restaurants or hotel Chef’s Gardens, existing farm retro-fits, Households Homesteading Garden for self-sufficiency etc.

The Indoor Farms™ is de-risking its clients’ projects by partnering with them along their entire journey

❖ Procurement and Construction
The Indoor Farms™ assists its clients with the procurement of all components of the Tower Farm and all logistics attached to its construction.
❖ Operational Strategy and Training
The Indoor Farms™ provides the initial training to ensure optimal understanding of the operational processes, business processes & financial modeling, key suppliers relationships management as to ensure holistic start-up turn-key kit.
❖ Farming-as-a-Service

The Indoor Farms™ offers the possibility to assist its clients with the farming management and off-take aspects of the farms once in operation.

In a Nutshell

Tailored Programs: Addressing Agri-Entrepreneurs, Farmers, Schools, Hotels, and Restaurants
Versatile Turnkey Farms: Customizable to Different Spaces and Settings
De-risking Local Supply Chain: The Indoor Farms™' Contribution to Food Security
Comprehensive Partnership: Procurement, Training, and Farming-as-a-Service Support

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