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Tower Garden

Tower Garden® is the only aeroponic system which can be used outdoors or indoors and that can besuccessfully operated by anyone.
Tower Garden® thrives indoors and includes the newly redesigned energy-saving LED grow light kit. It isthe perfect solution for homes and offices: no soil, no weeding, no bending over, no kneeling, no tilling, nodaily watering and no getting dirty!

It can also be operated outdoors in favorable climates and in a variety of spaces. It will enhance anyspace landscape and design while producing nutrient rich food:

Ideal in outdoor environments such as:
❖ Backyard gardens,
❖ Balconies, terraces & patios,
❖ Building and Villas rooftops,
❖ Any other outdoor space that has access to sunlight

Tower Garden® is the ultimate space-saving gardening solution as it fits in less than 1 m (approximately 10 ft.²).

Grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers effortlessly and 100% chemical free! No gardening experience is necessary: with these fully automated aeroponic towers, everyone has a green thumb! It is so easy to use: simply plant the seedling in the tower, watch it grow, consume and repeat!

A Tower Garden® comes ready to use and includes, grow lights, a seedling kit and a generous supply of Tower Tonic®, a proprietary 100% natural earth-based mineral plant food formula. A Tower Garden® requires 90% less water while delivering up to 65% nutrient–density–increase in comparison to conventional organic produce grown in the soil!

Whether you are aiming to become more self-sufficient, inspire children at home or in schools, or simplymake an eco-statement at work, Tower Garden is the obvious answer as it is truly a “food machine”: Expect Bountiful Harvests! Visit our webstore accessible from the store button to find out more and to purchase your tower!

In a Nutshell

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Grow up to 250,000 plants per acre.

tower garden

Grow up to 36 plants per square meter.


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