the indoor farms

Tower Farms™

The Indoor Farms™ provides vertical farming & greenhouse turnkey solutions in certain regions of the world, including GCC, Brazil, India, and Jamaica in partnership with Agrotonomy Corporation, a vertical farming consultancy firm and certified international distribution partner of Tower Farms™.

Agronomy has set up the first aeroponic vertical farms in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Polynesia, andthe Middle East using Tower Farms™ patented technology. It has also developed many Tower Farm™ projects in the USA, Canada, and the West Indies.
Tower Farms™ are delivered as full-turnkey 100% automated solutions. These are the only aeroponic systems available which can be used indoors or outdoors. Tower Farms™ can be set up outdoors, in a greenhouse or inside a building using grow lights:

A Tower Farm™ is an optimal approach to vertical farming for:
❖ Farm Owners
❖ Entrepreneurs
❖ Professional Growers
❖ Charities
❖ Community gardens
❖ Restaurants
❖ Hôtels
❖ Schools, Class-rooms and cafeterias
❖ Convention centers
❖ Building atriums & lobbies
❖ Airports
❖ Large families

Tower Farms™ also thrive on rooftops and are designed to sustain strong winds in heavy stormy climate conditions! The Indoor Farms™ can help you plan your Tower Farm and/or designing your greenhouse regardless ofthe scope and size of your project!

In a Nutshell

tower farms

Grow up to 250,000 plants per acre.

tower garden

Grow up to 36 plants per square meter.


Vertical Farming Consultancy.


Commercial aeroponics towers developed by Tower Farms®.

Innovative Lighting solutions

Cost-effective horticulturallighting solutions.

Indoor Strawberry Farm

Grow 28 tons of strawberries in 375m²