the indoor farms

Advisory and Business Consulting Services

The Indoor Farms™ developed an ecosystem and great understanding of the business environment in the GCC related to local food production, food, water and energy innovations and solutions and food wast emanagement.

The Indoor Farms™ developed an ecosystem and great understanding of the business environment in the GCC related to local food production, food, water and energy innovations and solutions and food waste management.

In addition to its understanding of the market dynamics in the GCC, The Indoor Farms™ developed expertise in aeroponics and hydroponics project development, investments and supply chain management related to food production and transformation. This expertise is embedded in the turn key solutions offered to customers and partners by The Indoor Farms™.

The advisory and business consulting services offered by The Indoor Farms™ to the following customers:

❖ Agri-Entrepreneurs and innovators

❖ Real-Estate developers, Investors and Managers

❖ Hospitality Sector

❖ Government and City Administrations
The Indoor Farms™ offers to its customers clients 4 different consultancy services:

❖ Project development consultation

❖ Greenhouse Consultation and Purchasing

❖ Commercial representation and strategic distribution

❖ Research and Development

Project development consultation

The Indoor Farms™ developed expertise in project management and development. As a result, we advise our clients and partners on the following topics:

❖ Crop strategy and market research.

❖ Selection and integration of relevant growing technologies.

❖ Offtake strategies and business development.

❖ Local financing and subsidies

❖ Greenhouse and farming operations.

❖ Operating and financial modeling.
❖ Business modeling and expansion.

Greenhouse Consultation & Purchasing Service

One big problem in the greenhouse industry is that over 99% of all consulting firms are just consultant sand not experienced greenhouse farmers. When buying a greenhouse directly from the manufacturer, the customer only speaks to salespeople who are not involved in active farming.

When a customer deals with The Indoor Farms™, it partners with a professional firm of farming expert shaving developed projects worldwide, which is also the operator of several similar infrastructure in several parts of the world.

The Indoor Farms™ greenhouse consultation services save money to its customers. Based on the analysis of its customer’s project, The Indoor Farms™ will make appropriate recommendations as to what type of greenhouse is needed, what the components and prices should be. We are known to the greenhouse manufacturers we recommend, and obtain on behalf of our the best terms and conditions, while assisting the customer throughout the purchasing and fulfillment process. The consultation fee The Indoor Farms™ requires is always offseted by the savings negotiated on behalf of it’s customers.

We are not just a greenhouse consultancy and brokerage firm: we are first and foremost greenhouse operators and indoor farmers ourselves.

When advising a customer, The Indoor Farms™ also provide assistance in the definition of the most appropriate greenhouse components needed for the project (insect screening, automated air vents, atomizers, humidity control equipment, wet walls, heating system, off-the-grid options, choice of polycarbonate grade, glass, and other materials, pollination and use of beneficial insects etc.).

A greenhouse proposal always includes the structure which is built by the manufacturer, however the fans, the atomizers/foggers, the CO2 regulators, the heaters, the wet walls, etc. are usually built by other manufacturers. Greenhouse manufacturers build the structure and outsource most of the parts and components from other manufacturers.

The Indoor Farms™ greenhouse consultation and purchasing services are turnkey from start to finish (from consulting with the client to actually purchasing the greenhouse and working out the building process logistics).

When buying a farm from The Indoor Farms™, offers farm installation supervision and staff training on location.

Commercial representation and strategic distribution

The Indoor Farms™ unique positioning in its active markets and focus on integrating the best solutions toits ecosystem represents an opportunity to any entities desiring to develop their value proposition in the GCC.

The Indoor Farms™ selects its strategic partners in terms of Commercial representation and regional distribution based on its ability to add value in terms of market penetration and direct results.

The specific services offered by The Indoor Farms™ are the following:

❖ commercial representation and development of strategic commercial rights in given jurisdictions

❖ development of strategic local partnership (financing, investment, joint-venture, etc)

❖ M&A Advisory services in the food related industry.

Research & Development

The Indoor Farms™ own farms and network of customers’ infrastructures can be offered for R&D purposes and initiatives.

Our network of partners and customers is available for innovators and businesses wishing to develop and test innovations and products in real conditions.

The Indoor Farms™ mission being to empower food security, innovative collaborations is at the heart of its journey. The leadership at The Indoor Farms™ is always looking for added value to be added to itsecosystem, and as a result, R&D partnerships are offered to parties looking to contribute to our journey.

In a Nutshell

tower farms

Grow up to 250,000 plants per acre.

tower garden

Grow up to 36 plants per square meter.


Vertical Farming Consultancy.


Commercial aeroponics towers developed by Tower Farms®.

Innovative Lighting solutions

Cost-effective horticulturallighting solutions.

Indoor Strawberry Farm

Grow 28 tons of strawberries in 375m²