Co-founder, Global Chief Operating & Strategy Officer

Jonathan Merineau-Gosselin is the Co-founder, Global Chief Operating & Strategy Officer at
The Farms™️.

With nearly 20 years of successful entrepreneurial and managerial experiences throughout Canada, South America, and the GCC, Jonathan is no stranger to best practices in management and leadership. Starting with a highly successful real estate brokerage firm in Montreal at the age of 21 which earned him multiple awards.

His extensive experience as a public servant within the UAE government apparel working on real estate master developments in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai has led him to spearhead a regional family office further expanding his knowledge and skills to lead successful teams, manage large asset portfolios while developing strategies and executing on them.

Jonathan started his academic career in marketing and business in Montreal and continued in the field of management with an MBA with University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, for which he was awarded merit. He also holds a Certificate for Sustainable Food Security on the Value of System Thinking, delivered by Wageningen University.

Integrating his experiences from 3 different regions across 4 different industries has given Jonathan a unique edge in the GCC, enabling him to excel in the challenging and rapidly changing economic environment. As a result, the scope of his work grew to extend beyond company management and into corporate financial and cultural transformation.

Jonathan’s appreciation and understanding of new technologies and their impact on corporate operations empower him to lead with forward-thinking and strategic decisions in the fields of finance, investment, human resources, and logistics planning.